Google cameras to safeguard your home soon


CAMERACalifornia, May 27: Soon, Google CCTV cameras could secure your house from intruders.

The transnational corporation is reportedly reaching to purchase home security camera firm Dropcam.

San Francisco-based Dropcam offers a $150 internet-connected camera.

The camera is controlled from a special app.

Using the special app, users will see live feeds, zoom and record footage.

It conjointly includes a night-sight mode, two-way speak back and digital zoom, aforesaid a report on school web log the knowledge.

“Google’s Nest division is plotting a get in the home-security market and has thought-about feat connected camera-maker Dropcam to accelerate the push, according to many individuals near Google,” the web log reportable.

Google has recently bought a thermostat company Nest.

The Google move comes as Apple is making ready to show the iPad into a universal ‘home remote’ that might management everything from TVs to washing machines and lights, the web log claimed.