Home World Three arrested in Mexico for over 200 murders

Three arrested in Mexico for over 200 murders

Three arrested in Mexico for over 200 murders

Three arrested in MexicoMexico town, Dec eleven: 3 members of a criminal organisation were in remission by police in Jalisco state in reference to over two hundred murders, further as kidnappings and extortion, the Mexican National Security Commission aforesaid.

Felipe Viveros Garcia, 30, Jose Bernabe Lopez Alcaraz, 43, and Froylan Barrera Morales, 40, allegedly committed “the crimes of criminal conspiracy, kidnapping, extortion, murder and arms trafficking and possession,” the commission aforesaid during a statement Tuesday.

Their arrests, that were disbursed during a joint operation with the lawyer General’s workplace, were the results of an investigation by police within the cities of Tomatlan and Zapopan, the commission aforesaid while not providing the date of the arrests.

Viveros Garcia ordered and took part in additional than 200 killings of kidnaped victims, members of rival gangs and drug dealers in numerous cities in Jalisco and state of Guerrero, investigators aforesaid.

Lopez Alcaraz and Barrera Morales allegedly LED gangs that monitored the activities of the authorities, provided security to members of the criminal organisation and managed communications gear, the statement aforesaid.


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