Brazil’s greenhouse gas emissions drop


Brazil's greenhouse gas emissions dropRio de Janeiro, November 8 Brazil’s greenhouse gas emissions dropped 36.7 % in the past 7 years, according to a study released Thursday by the country’s climate monitoring centre.

The study said that the greenhouse gas emissions in Brazil decreased to 1.48 billion tons of carbon dioxide in 2012 , while in 2005 it reached 2.34 billion tons of carbon dioxide.

The decreased was achieved due to changes in using of land, combating illegal logging and clearing, mainly in the Amazon, according to the study, which is based on the figures from the Gas Emission Estimation System.

The study however shows that the amount of greenhouse gas emissions increased 7.9 % in the last 22 years.

The energy sector has increased greenhouse gas emissions to 436 million tons of carbon dioxide in 2012, an increase of 126 percent compared with that of 1990.


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