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Braid hair to stay warm

Braid hair to stay warm

Braid hair  New York, October 29 watching numerous ways to dress up throughout winter? style your hair to withstand chilly days and opt for numerous styles of braids.

Huffingtonpost.com shares many types of braids that you will sport throughout winter season:

– The tousled side braid: The braided look is ideal for beginners. Plus, you’ll put on a hat and not worry about it messing up your look once you take it off. Use dry shampoo to create texture and keep your hair from getting greasy. Then pull strands over to one aspect and twist or braid them to the very end.
– The fishtail braid: when you need to keep those flyaway , made a sleek fishtail braid ponytail. Hair serum can hold the braid along.

– The crown braid: create a middle part and smooth strands with wax. create 2 side braids, wrap around head and secure with hair pins.


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