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Bikaner: Karni Mata, sweets and forts

Bikaner: Karni Mata, sweets and forts

travelIf you think hard, the first issue you can remember regarding Bikaner and the Bikaneri snacks and sweets. within the harsh Rajasthan climate of Bikaner, hats off to the folks of this place who work thus hard to create their product a unit name across india and the world.

Like any different cities of Rajasthan, Bikaner has its historical importance and has seen several kings over the amount of your time. town was built by Roa Bika in fifteenth Century.

Places of interest
I was very curious to know that there exists a temple meant for Rats, yes you detected it right, there’s a temple in Bikaner known as Karni mata temple and it’s said that she is reincarnation of god Hindu deity and he or she is been worshipped by royalty of Bikaner.
Lalgarh palace is another tourists attractions, it’s a beautiful museum within the hotel. the pictures of the royalties bring you to some forgotten history.

Bikaner could be a paradise for shoppers, you’ll get amazing leather product, wood works, ethinic furniture, sheep wool carpets and plenty of more. There ar several retailers simply outside the fort and give smart discount.

Bikaneri sweets are known all over the planet. So, you should be ready for every kind of sweets and snacks. you’ll get absolutely piping hot jalebis, samosas, ghewars, gulab jamuns.

Bikaner is hot. The climate is dry because it is placed within the middle of sweet. india has only 1 dessert called Thar and Bikaner could be a town within the desert thus you will get temperature as high as fifty in summers winters ar pleasant however the nights ar terribly cold. Thus, the best time to go to Bikaner is between Nov-Feb.

How to get there

By air
Bikaner is however to be connected through air, the airport in Bikaner is current, and it’s supposed to be completed by september 2013. Till, the time the closest airport from Bikaner is Jaipur or Jodhpur that is approx. five hrs and four hrs drives respectively.

By rail
Bikaner is well connected through trains; the depot called Bikaner Junction is well within town and is well connected with all the major cities of the country.

By road
Roads of Rajasthan are very good, so any day a road trip in Rajasthan would be a good plan, as mentioned earlier, Bikaner is well connected with Jaipur and other major cities of Rajasthan through road.


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