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7 rules to follow when travelling in a group

7 rules to follow when travelling in a group

travellingChoose carefully: Know what your fellow travelers expect out of a trip. There’s no point in taking you luxury-loving friend on a camping expedition. You don’t want him/her to keep complaining about the bedding or mosquitoes through the trip. Your choice of travel mates could make or break your trip.

Get to know you fellow travelers: If this is your first trip with a group make sure that you meet them a few times to break the ice before you set out. Meeting you travel companions over lunch, dinner or coffee will give you an insight into their likes, dislikes and behaviour.

Book in advance: For those who are new to travelling in a group, booking in advance is a great option. You can share the places that you think you would like to stay at or visit over mail. It will save you the trouble of running around once you reach your destination  .

Money matters: Once you set out, make sure that you keep an account of the expense. The wisest thing to do is get everyone to pool in a certain amount that should be spent for all expense apart from personal shopping. This will ensure that the expense id divided equally and no one complains about having to spend more than the others.

Room rules: It’s necessary to make your likes and dislikes where hygiene is concerned. If you feel that throwing wet towel on the bed is not acceptable make it clear at the first instance. But do so without getting too critical or aggressive.

Will you share your sunscreen: So are you the sorts who likes sharing things? You must keep this rule in mind that if you expect people to share their stuff then you should keep your kitty open too. However, if there are certain items that you don’t like sharing like your comb, sunscreen

or lipstick don’t hesitate to tell your travel mates that.

Avoid fights: Considering the fact that you are travelling in a group there is bound to be difference of opinion at some point. Try to be practical and don’t take sides when people are arguing. At the same time, don’t let an argument escalate into a full blown fight. Base your judgment on what’s best for the group and make everyone understand your point.


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