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India’s Mars Orbiter raised successfully

India’s Mars Orbiter raised successfully

India's Mars Orbiter raised successfullyChennai, November 7 The first of the six orbit raising activity for the Mars Orbiter was successfully completed Thursday morning, Indian space agency said.

According to Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), the first orbit raising manouevre that started 1.17 a.m on November 7 has been successfully completed.

On Wednesday, ISRO officials told the on-board motors of Mars Orbiter will be fired for around 200 seconds to raise its orbit by around 4,120 km to 28,785 km.

On November  30The final orbit raising activity will take place, so as to push the Orbiter towards the red planet and out of earth orbit.

ISRO launched the Mars Orbiter in earth orbit .

The 1,340 kilogram Mars Orbiter, developed by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) at an outlay of around Rs.150 crore, carries 852 kilogram of fuel on-board.

Around 360 kilogram fuel was likely to be expended on the six orbit raising activities.

India’s first inter-planetary Mars Orbiter Mission costs around Rs.450 crore.


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