Home Money Waiter handed lottery ticket as tip, wins $17,500

Waiter handed lottery ticket as tip, wins $17,500

Waiter handed lottery ticket as tip, wins $17,500

A bartender in the US received a tip of a lifetime after a lottery ticket handed over to her by a costumer won a cash prize of USD 17,500.

Aurora Kephart, who works at the Conway’s Restaurant and Lounge in Springfield, Illinois, was on a closing shift last week when one of her costumers gave her a tip in the form of an unplayed Keno ticket.

As Kephart ran the ticket, it won a prize of USD 17,500, ‘kezi.com’ reported.

Kephart immediately tried to give it back to the generous customer but he did not accept it, saying it belonged to her.

“You don’t even expect anything like that. It’s fantastic. I kind of teared up and got misty-eyed. Then the business of everything it’s hard to keep on track when you just won about 17,000,” Kephart said.

The customer even bought a round of drinks for everyone in the bar to celebrate her win, said Kephart.

Owner of the restaurant, George Conway, said Kephart, an employee for four years there, was very deserving of such a tip.

Even after the big win, Kephart still came back to work the next day for another closing shift, the report said.


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