Stock fashion staples for evergreen style


Stock fashion staples for evergreen styleLondon: Women always desire to have a wardrobe full of trendy clothes and accessories, but first it is essential to get the fashion basics right. Stock your closet with fashion staples, which will stand the test of time. lists fashion basics every woman should own, and for which they shouldn’t mind spending a little more.

Jeans: Shopping for the right pair of jeans can be tough. They seem to fit well in the shop, but once you’ve worn them on for five minutes, you may end up tugging at the waist band constantly. The idea is to buy them a little tight because denim stretches as it’s worn. Whether it’s a slim fit, straight or bootcut style, make sure your jeans flatter your frame.

White shirt: This is a must have and a classic! Layer it underneath a jumper, wear it to work with black trousers and undo a button when you’re heading out on a date. The white shirt is a classic.

Cashmere: Whether it’s a jumper or a cardigan, whichever suits your style best, all women should own a piece of Cashmere. It is something you can snuggle into as the temperature drops.

Little Black Dress: This never goes out of fashion. But make sure it fits right and makes you feel comfortable.

Coat: A good strong wool coat will never look a misfit in your wardrobe. Have one in black, navy or grey. These are like an investment, so choose colours that aren’t trend led and will come back into style every year. Again, buy a style that suits your frame.

Leather handbag: Stick to a leather handbag in black, navy, grey or tan – muted colours that can be worn forever and with whatever. Make sure it is big enough to accommodate all essentials.


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