5 things you should NOT do at work


5things not do in officeDon’t speak loudly: Why does one have to shout at the highest of your voice once you are talking to somebody on the phone? It not only irritates and disturbs the individuals around you however it additionally classifies you as a nasty colleague. So please, keep your voice at a moderate level and let others do their work.

Don’t seek for a best friend: skilled and personal relationships are 2 various things and it is best if they’re kept separate. do not try and seek for a BFF in your colleague, it may lead to discomfort.

Don’t be the boss’ pet: this could not appear thus bad once you think about it the first time, finally everybody wants to become the boss’ favorite. however think about the message you are giving the rest of your colleagues, and therefore the ways in which they may misunderstand you. keep in mind however you hated the teacher’s pet in school?

Don’t peep into someone’s computer: this is be} perhaps the foremost annoying habit one can have, but sadly, most of the people do it while not realising it. Peeping into your colleague’s laptop and attempting to catch a glimpse of the e-mail they’re writing or the sites they’re surfing only implies that you have got no regard for other’s personal space and you do not respect their right to privacy. If you do not like it once somebody does it to you, why do it to somebody else?

Don’t discuss salaries: nobody likes discussing their salaries, whether they are paid more or less. thus talking regarding your remuneration or asking some other person regarding theirs is a complete no-no! along with that, try to control any comments on finances as well, it’s merely not your business, thus please be.


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