Delhi in deadly dengue grip


dengueOn delhi, dengue cases are  increasing regularly . Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare take step to control damages.

The Delhi government’s fail to check the why the dengue spread  in the city, Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad on Thursday held a meeting with state government and hospital authorities.
All mayors and other commissioner try to solve that problem as soon as possible.
Ministry  doing meetings for “better coordination” between government agencies to control the spread of dengue disease.

Dengue increase very much  in South India in last year so that they call meeting t resolve the problem.
This year, the disease spread very much in the country and  the authorities decide  to find a solution to the problem,” the minister of health and family Anshu Prakash said this and  the Centre had lost their  faith from Delhi government.

At the time of  meeting it has been decided that, now patients need not to pay Rs 5,000 – Rs 7,000 for platelets it will become free for all dengue patients  who will admit in government hospitals and it is also said to people that they have to  participate to deal with the dengue and avoid storage of water in any place.

In Delhi,so much patient are admitted in government hospital who suffering from this diseases.Prakash also asked to state government to take some measures regarding dengue’s spread.

Seila Dikshit said in meeting that the three municipal corporations not  fulfil their basic responsibility of providing sanitation service.

Many government staff 3500  has gone in many place to check the status  of cities. The  government authorities have to be  wake up now to decrease the  dengue proportions.
“The sign of dengue is high fever said by Dr Praveen Aggarwal.They research on this matter to solve problem and help the people . Doctors say  that due to change in environment this spread in cities.


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