‘Yoga For Health’: Expert Advocates Balanced Diet And Consistency


Yoga also improves balance, circulation, healthy joints and bones.

Savita Yadav said that during the festive season, people often enjoy fried foods, dishes and sweets.

In the wake of the pandemic, the popularity of yoga as a holistic exercise has surged, with increasing emphasis on its role in maintaining overall health. Savita Yadav, a prominent yoga instructor, advocates the daily practice of yoga along with a balanced lifestyle and diet for enhanced well-being.

Yoga, renowned for improving flexibility, posture, stamina, and immunity, has become a cornerstone of healthy living. Savita Yadav, during her YouTube live sessions, stresses the importance of regular yoga practice to reap its full benefits. She underscores that merely indulging in yoga during the festive season may be counteracted by unhealthy dietary choices, especially the consumption of fried foods and sweets.

Yadav highlights the necessity of a balanced diet, urging portion control to counteract the potential adverse effects of indulging in festive treats. Emphasizing the significance of ingraining healthy habits, she advocates for a lifestyle that reduces stress and contributes to overall well-being.

The yoga instructor cautions against interrupting the daily yoga routine, noting that consistent practice is crucial for deriving optimal benefits. She recommends starting with short durations, and gradually progressing to longer sessions based on individual capacity. Yadav underscores the importance of correct posture in yoga, asserting that the right techniques yield greater benefits in shorter durations.

As the weather changes, Savita Yadav underscores the role of yoga in boosting immunity, potentially averting flu and seasonal illnesses. Recommending a warm-up before commencing yoga, she advises starting with micro exercises and progressing to more complex poses.

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