What’s Your Cocktail Raashee: Discover Your Perfect Cocktail Based on Your Star Sign


The art of mixology is a celestial journey where flavours align with the stars. Whether you’re a passionate Aries, an empathetic Pisces, or somewhere in between, the choice of cocktail can reveal more about your personality than you might think. Welcome to the world of zodiac-inspired mixology, where your star sign guides your spirit of choice, and every sip tells a unique astrological story. Curated by NeuWorld Spirits, we invite you to explore the intriguing connection between your celestial identity and your favourite libation. Let’s raise a glass to the stars and embark on a delightful cosmic adventure in the realm of cocktails.

Aquarius | Cocktail: Whiskey Smash

The Whiskey Smash is the perfect cocktail for Aquarius, known for their innovative and eccentric nature. Its unconventional blend of whiskey, lemon, and mint mirrors their unique approach to life, offering a refreshing and offbeat twist on tradition. This zesty and unpredictable drink complements Aquarius’ desire for excitement and new experiences, making it a delightful choice to celebrate their individuality.

Pisces | Cocktail: Whiskey Cobbler

The Whiskey Cobbler is an ideal libation for a Pisces, as it reflects their creative and compassionate spirit. This cocktail’s fruity and mellow flavours harmonize with the Piscean love for all things artistic and their empathetic nature. With a gentle blend of whiskey, fruit, and sugar, the Whiskey Cobbler offers a soothing and imaginative sip that complements Pisces’ dreamy and nurturing personality.

Aries | Cocktail: Whiskey Sour

Aries, the fiery and energetic trailblazers of the zodiac, find a perfect match in the Whiskey Sour. With bold whiskey, zesty lemon juice, and a touch of sweetness, this cocktail complements Aries’ adventurous spirit and bold personality. It’s a drink as vibrant as the ram’s energy, making it the ideal choice for these dynamic individuals.

Taurus | Cocktail: Old Fashioned

Taurus individuals, known for their sensual and grounded nature, are drawn to the timeless elegance of the Old Fashioned. This classic cocktail, with its rich blend of bourbon or rye whiskey, sugar, and bitters, resonates with Taurus’ appreciation for life’s finer pleasures. It’s a drink as steadfast and traditional as the bull’s unwavering determination, making it the perfect choice for these earthy souls.

Gemini | Cocktail: Whiskey Ginger

Gemini, the adaptable and curious air sign, finds the Whiskey Ginger an ideal companion. This versatile cocktail, blending whiskey and ginger ale, mirrors Gemini’s ever-changing interests and dynamic personality. It’s a drink as adaptable and effervescent as the twins themselves, making it a delightful choice for these social and inquisitive individuals.

Cancer | Cocktail: Whiskey Toddy

Cancer, the nurturing and sentimental souls of the zodiac, gravitate toward the comforting embrace of the Whiskey Toddy. This warm and soothing concoction, featuring whiskey, honey, hot water, and a hint of lemon, suits Cancer’s loving and sentimental nature. It’s a drink as cozy and heartfelt as the crab’s protective instincts, making it a perfect choice for these caring individuals.

Leo | Cocktail: Boulevardier

Leo, the bold and charismatic leaders of the zodiac, find their match in the Boulevardier. This cocktail, composed of whiskey, Campari, and sweet vermouth, resonates with Leo’s confidence and desire to stand out. It’s a drink as alluring and strong as the lion’s presence, making it the perfect choice for these magnetic and attention-grabbing individuals.

Virgo | Cocktail: Whiskey Highball

Virgo, known for their practicality and attention to detail, appreciates the straightforward and refreshing nature of the Whiskey Highball. This simple yet satisfying cocktail, typically made with whiskey and sparkling water, mirrors Virgo’s no-nonsense approach to life. It’s a drink as clear and precise as the virgin’s practicality, making it the ideal choice for these meticulous and grounded individuals.

Libra | Cocktail: Mint Julep

Libra, with their harmonious and charming disposition, finds a perfect match in the Mint Julep. This classic cocktail, made with bourbon, sugar, and fresh mint, offers a delightful and well-balanced blend of flavours. It’s a drink as elegant and charming as the scales themselves, making it the ideal choice for these individuals who appreciate balance and beauty in life.

Scorpio | Cocktail: Manhattan

Scorpio, the intense and mysterious members of the zodiac, gravitate toward the complex flavours of the Manhattan. This cocktail, composed of whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters, reflects Scorpio’s enigmatic and deeply passionate nature. It’s a drink as deep and intriguing as the scorpion’s emotions, making it a perfect choice for these individuals who prefer the more profound and complex aspects of life.

Sagittarius | Cocktail: Irish Coffee

Sagittarius, the adventurous and optimistic wanderers of the zodiac, find their match in the Irish Coffee. This cocktail, a delightful combination of whiskey, hot coffee, sugar, and a dollop of cream, perfectly aligns with Sagittarius’ desire for exploration and excitement. It’s a drink as warming and invigorating as the archer’s boundless enthusiasm, making it an ideal choice for these free spirits who love to embark on new journeys.

Capricorn | Cocktail: Rob Roy

Capricorn, known for their ambitious and disciplined nature, appreciates the tradition and structure of the Rob Roy. This classic cocktail, made with Scotch whisky, sweet vermouth, and bitters, reflects Capricorn’s respect for time-honoured principles. It’s a drink as steadfast and reliable as the goat’s determination, making it a perfect choice for these individuals who value discipline and excellence in all they do.

In the world of mixology, there’s a cocktail to suit every zodiac sign’s unique personality. Whether you’re an adventurous Aries looking for a spirited Whiskey Sour or a compassionate Pisces sipping on a soothing Whiskey Cobbler, these zodiac-inspired libations add a celestial twist to your drinking experience. So, raise your glass to the stars, toast to your astrological traits, and let your drink of choice be a delightful expression of your celestial self. With each sip, you’re not just enjoying a cocktail; you’re indulging in a personalized cosmic experience that reflects your one-of-a-kind astrological identity. Cheers to the stars and the cocktails that make them shine even brighter!

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