Want To Burn Belly Fat? A Calorie-Deficit Diet May Help You


The only way to succeed is by making sure you are consuming fewer calories and burning more. (Image: Shutterstock)

Shedding belly fat can be a tedious task but these tips and tricks can definitely help you achieve your goal

A sedentary lifestyle imposes a risk to your health. Mindless eating habits, minimal or no physical workout, too much stress and continuously sitting for longer periods are to be blamed. This leads to fat accumulation in all the body parts and especially your belly which is a matter of concern. Excess belly fat can surround the internal organs and pose the risk to the heart and lead to other health issues. Hence, it is important to keep your weight and in turn your body fat in check. To shed those extra kilos, a calorie-deficit diet might help you.

What is a calorie-deficit diet?

In simple words, one needs to burn more calories than what one eats to create a caloric/energy deficit. You can aim to create a deficit of at least 500-1000 each day to see a significant loss in weight and fat. This diet taps into body fat to use energy and promote fat and weight loss. A calorie-deficit diet will help you burn fat from all body parts, including your belly too.


The only way to succeed is by making sure you are consuming fewer calories and burning more. To lose weight, you need to exercise and keep yourself active. Work out for at least 30-40 minutes. You can try walking, jogging, running, swimming and simply indulging in a sport of your choices like badminton or basketball. Instead of the elevator, take the stairs. If your job requires you to be seated for a long time, after an hour take a walk or do stand for 5 minutes.

Portion Control

Exercise alone cannot help if your intake of calories is more than what your burn. So, instead of sacrificing your favourite foods, just cut down on the portion. Make sure you eat enough to fill your stomach to 80%. Try to keep a minimum of 3-4 hours of gap between each meal. To prevent acidity and indigestion, eat before 8 pm.


Also, drink a sufficient amount of water. It will keep you stay hydrated and also satiate your hunger pangs. Include smoothies, fresh juices, coconut water, and green tea in your diet to flush out toxins.

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