Urvashi Rautela Tries To Beat The Blues, Gets Compared To Aishwarya For Her Lip-Colour


(L-R) Aishwarya back in 2016, Urvashi in 2023. (Images: Instagram)

Cannes 2023: Urvashi could not help but take some inspiration from one of Aishwarya’s most iconic looks on the Cannes red carpet, read on to know more-

Cannes 2023: In a rather enchanting continuation of her mesmerizing journey through the Cannes Film Festival, the stunning Urvashi Rautela once again graced the illustrious red carpet, leaving onlookers absolutely amazed with her extraordinary and imaginative ensemble.

On the third day of the film festival, Urvashi walked into the premier of the final chapter of Indiana Jones, ‘Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny’ in an off-shoulder pastel gown with intricate threadwork on the bodice. The highlight of this ensemble was the bottom half enhanced with applique work in diminishing shades of blue, which gave an illusion of fish scales. While her exquisite attire garnered attention and admiration, it was her audacious and unconventional choice of makeup that truly stole the spotlight and became the talk of the town.

Check out her entire look from the evening-

Embracing a vibrant blue lip, Urvashi revived a spellbinding Cannes red carpet moment that had somewhat been previously immortalized by the esteemed Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Looking at Urvashi’s choice of lip shade one cannot help but go back all the way to the year 2016, when Cannes regular, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, had boldly dared to defy norms and challenge the established conventions of fashion as she chose to adorn a resplendent lilac gown accompanied by captivating purple lipstick. There is denying the fact that it was one iconic moment on the Cannes red carpet, a moment people will remember for ages to come.

Urvashi Rautela’s choice of a vibrant blue lip at the Cannes Film Festival has sparked discussions among fashion enthusiasts, and people on the internet cannot help but draw comparisons to Aishwarya’s notable red carpet moment from the past. The internet at the moment is torn apart between trying to understand whether it was an attempt to copy Ash, or can it be seen as a heartfelt tribute to the brilliant actress. What do you think?

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