Uorfi Javed’s Love Mantra: Authenticity, Self-care and Let Love Take The Front Seat


Uorfi Javed said, “When it comes to dating — or, really, life — everyone’s experience is as unique as they are.

Uorfi Javed emphasizes on being your authentic fearless self, prioritizing your own needs and creating a space where you love yourself first

Tinder, the world’s most popular app for meeting new people, is back with new episodes of Swipe Ride. now in its third year, a show that celebrates uninhibited, meaningful conversations about what Indian women want from their dating lives. The first episode this year features internet sensation and fashion icon Uorfi Javed and will premiere on Friday, 7th July, 2023 on the app’s Youtube channel and stream exclusively on JioCinema.

Popular social media content creator and actor, Kusha Kapila, takes the driver’s seat once again to pick up app members to meet their dates with a surprise celebrity guest as they chat about all things dating and relationships. In the currently released episode, Uorfi, Kusha and Tinder member Heeral talk about the importance of self-care in dating, self-awareness and confidence, first dates, and green flags. Uorfi chats with Heeral on her first date ever about breaking away from the age-old concept of “the one” and to put yourself out there for every kind of possibility. In fact, 80% of 18-25 women daters in India agree that their generation is challenging traditional relationship goals and dating standards that were passed down from previous generations.

Uorfi further emphasizes on being your authentic fearless self, prioritizing your own needs and creating a space where you love yourself first. And she’s not alone in this mindset—a whopping 8 out of 10 young women daters in India admit that their personal self-care is their top priority when dating and having a partner who values self-care is critical to a happy relationship. This shift reflects a growing trend of Indian women daters exploring diverse connections and seeking personal fulfillment on their own terms.

Talking about her appearance on Swipe Ride, Uorfi said, “When it comes to dating — or, really, life — everyone’s experience is as unique as they are. If you want to be your most beautiful, authentic self, the work has to start with you. If there’s one thing I was unapologetic about when I was using the app was that establishing contentment within yourself and your needs is essential for opening up to somebody else. This episode of Swipe Ride series talks about the evolving culture around love and relationships, and it’s amazing to see modern Indian women embracing self-love, confidence, self-belief and prioritizing themselves unabashedly. Creating space for your own self and weeding out folks who don’t bring that energy is a big green flag!”

The trio also talked about what they want in a modern relationship and how online dating enables autonomy and freedom for Indian women. For Uorfi, online dating equates freedom and the ability to make decisions with the power to choose. This resonates with young adult female daters in India as more than half agree that dating apps allow them to meet people outside their social circle and others who they may not meet otherwise. To empower young women in India to navigate the world of online dating and prioritize their wellbeing, the app has recently launched Tinder Love and Care (TLC), a dating wellness guide developed in collaboration with That Sassy Thing. TLC features advice and insights from 15 prominent female experts and queer voices in India, covering a range of topics such as sexual health, intimacy, and fostering honest conversations with dates, all while prioritizing self-care.

“Young women today are upfront about what they want when it comes to their dating lives. They are doing so by normalizing conversations around female desire, body positivity, consent and boundaries which the viewers will also get to witness on Swipe Ride. For the third season, I got a chance to witness female Tinder members be absolutely confident about their dating choices and take charge of what they want. I was more than happy to play a role in facilitating these meaningful conversations,” adds Kusha.

“Swipe Ride celebrates the diverse perspectives of young Indian women and their dating journeys in a relatable context. From having open dialogues on the importance of self-care, financial freedom, dating autonomy, to showing up with confidence and freedom of choice, young women daters are being fiercely honest about and transparent about putting oneself out there for all kinds of possibilities,” says Taru Kapoor, GM, Tinder and Match Group India.

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