Study Reveals How Indians Are Embracing Age-Gap Relationships


84% of Indians surveyed believe that age gap relationships are more accepted now than in the past

New research found 81% of Indians surveyed say age is just a number and does not determine the success of a relationship

Age gaps have been a dating taboo that often divided opinions down the middle. While many of us have a complicated relationship with our age, this often extends to dating dynamics too. What’s an appropriate age gap? How old is too old or how young is too young? Is it only for the rich, famous and the uber-modern?

Bumble’s new study found that as societal norms progress, single Indians are embracing love that presents itself in different ways, with a more liberated and equitable approach to dating.

A new dating trend: ‘Gen-Blend Romances’

How people approach the age ‘criterion’ in relationships is changing. The dating app’s new study indicates that 81% of Indians surveyed say that age is just a number and does not determine the success of a relationship.

We’re also seeing outdated, antiquated beliefs about gender and power dynamics in relationships evolving as 84% of Indians surveyed believe that age gap relationships are more accepted now than in the past.  In fact:

It’s not just in the movies: 76% of Indians surveyed say that age gap relationships aare no longer an idealised concept (in movies, celebrity relationships)Matters less with time: 74% Indians surveyed say that age gap relationships become less significant as partners get older

In India, dating pressures as one grows older still persist and can be restrictive as almost 2 in 5 (39%) of single women surveyed admit it gets more difficult to date when you get older as a woman. This is true for more millennial women (44%) than Gen Z (35%). Moreover, 33% of Indians surveyed say fear of judgement from family and friends makes it difficult for them to be open-minded about age gap relationships.

Samarpita Samaddar, India Communications Director, Bumble shares, “Our views and opinions about age gap relationships are rooted in patriarchal, antiquated, traditional societal norms. Unfortunately, couples with large age gaps, especially when it comes to younger men dating older women are met with judgements. Rather than assuming that people are happily together, there’s a tendency to think about possible power imbalances, and view the relationship as transactional often. It’s so important that we understand that a healthy relationship is built around much more than just age. It’s time we choose what feels right for us rather than worrying about ‘log kya kahenge’; choose our own happiness and what works best for us in a relationship.”

To take the pressure off, Shahzeen Shivdasani, Bumble’s Relationship Expert, answers some of the concerns when it comes to age-gap relationships:

The power balance is way out of whack

An age-gap relationship could possibly be accompanied by a wealth gap. It’s important to set boundaries on finances at the start and assert what you both need to feel empowered. Communicate openly about shared finances, money management, budgeting and even your lifestyles to understand what works best for you both!

Our future goals and priorities might change with time

You both may have pressing questions regarding the future and perhaps different priorities in life. Discuss this early on in the relationship to find a balanced approach in the relationship that works for the both of you.

Intimacy could be a big issue?

If your emotional and physical intimacy needs vary, communicate openly, listen without judgement and find a middle ground. Find interests that you both enjoy, make plans and, most importantly, stick to them.



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