Start Your Week off Right With a Delicious Cup of Vietnamese Coffee; Recipe Inside


Create the ideal cup of Vietnamese coffee with this recipe for a taste of Vietnam in your home.

Bring Vietnam home this week by making your own coffee using this delicious Vietnamese recipe

Vietnamese coffee, which gives a sensory experience unlike any other and is delightfully distinctive and flavorful, has captured the attention of coffee connoisseurs all around the world. Dark roasted coffee grounds and condensed milk are combined in a traditional brewing method called a phin, resulting in a smooth, velvety beverage that is immensely fulfilling. This harmonious combination of bitter and sweet flavours creates a very satisfying beverage.

Vietnamese coffee is unique not only because of its flavour but also because of the way it is brewed, which promotes relaxation and an appreciation for the craft of preparing coffee. Vietnamese coffee delivers a moment of enjoyment and peace whether it is consumed hot or cold, taking you back to the energetic streets of Vietnam with each sip.

It is no surprise that this alluring brew has assimilated into Vietnamese culture and become a worldwide favourite among coffee connoisseurs.


90gm of 100% Vietnamese Robusta coffee30gm of condensed milk150 ml of hot waterWhole cup of ice


To brew the coffee, we use a Vietnamese drip coffee filter and Vietnamese coffee. Pour the coffee into the filter after measuring it out evenly. Avoid pressing too firmly as this will cause the coffee to spill into the coffee filter’s holes and clog them. According to the measurement, pour the condensed milk into the mug.Pouring over the heated flask after measuring the boiling water. 30ml or more of hot water should be poured into the filter, which should be above the glass, and then the coffee should bloom for 5 seconds. When the water releases CO2 from the coffee and the grounds expand, this is known as the bloom stage of the brewing process.Next, gently squeeze the filter to squeeze the blooming coffee. The remaining water should now be added to the filter slowly, at which point the coffee will start to trickle into your cup. Wait for the coffee to finish dripping for 3 to 4 minutes. After removing the filter, whisk in the condensed milk.Pour Vietnamese coffee over a cup that has been filled with ice, swirl, and then sip away. Riya Ashok MadayiRiya’s passion is writing on anything lifestyle. She loves everything, from travelling to trying out new cuisine and genres of music. Riya lives with …Read More



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