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Ram Navami 2023: Devotees prepare special prasad or offerings for Lord Ram. (Getty Images)

RAM NAVAMI 2023: Devotees prepare special prasad on Ram Navami day to offer to the deity

RAM NAVAMI 2023: Ram Navami is widely celebrated across India with grand festivities as it’s the birthday of Lord Ram. It is celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm by Hindus all over the world as well. This year, Ram Navami will be celebrated on March 30. Ram Navami, as the name suggests, falls on the ninth day of the Shukla Paksha in the month of Chaitra, according to the Hindu calendar.

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On this auspicious day, devotees of Lord Ram offer prayers and perform various rituals while worshipping the deity. One of the essential aspects of any festival is food. Therefore, devotees prepare special prasad or offerings for Lord Ram.

Here are some easy-to-make prasad recipes for Ram Navami:

Besan Ladoo
Besan Ladoo is a popular Indian sweet made with Besan or gram flour, ghee, sugar, and cardamom powder. To make besan ladoo, roast gram flour in ghee until it turns golden brown. Add sugar, cardamom powder, and chopped nuts and mix well. Shape the mixture into small balls and offer them as prasad.Coconut Ladoo
Coconut ladoo is a simple and delicious prasad that is made with grated coconut, sugar, and milk. To make coconut ladoo, mix 1 cup of grated coconut, 1/2 cup of sugar, and 1/4 cup of milk in a pan. Cook on medium heat, stirring continuously, until the mixture thickens and starts to leave the sides of the pan. Then remove the pan from heat or fire and allow the mixture to cool. Once cooled, make small balls out of the mixture and garnish with chopped nuts.Panjiri
Panjiri is a traditional Indian sweet made with wheat flour, ghee, sugar, and nuts. It is a nutritious and energy-rich food that is perfect for offering to Lord Rama. To prepare panjiri, roast wheat flour in ghee until it turns golden brown. Add some sugar, a few nuts, and a pinch of cardamom powder and mix well. Allow the mixture to cool and serve as Prasad.Sweet Poha
Sweet Poha is a simple and quick prasad recipe that you can prepare in no time. Wash and soak poha or flattened rice in water for 5 minutes. Drain the water and mix the poha with jaggery, grated coconut, and roasted peanuts. Garnish with chopped fruits like bananas or mangoes and offer it to Lord Rama.Sweet Rice
Sweet rice, also known as ‘meetha chawal’ is a delicious and simple prasad that can be prepared in no time. To make sweet rice, wash and soak 1 cup of basmati rice for 30 minutes. Drain the water and add the rice to a pot with 2 cups of water and 1 cup of milk. Add 1/2 cup of sugar, a pinch of saffron, and 2-3 crushed cardamom pods. Cook the rice on low heat until it is soft and the liquid is absorbed completely.

The prasad is usually a sweet dish and it is distributed after the rituals of the puja are over.

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