Priyanka Chopra Raises the Bar With Her Astounding Rs. 204 Crore Bulgari Necklace


With her daring statement piece and confident demeanour, Priyanka once again proved that she is a force to be reckoned with in the world of fashion.

MET Gala 2023: Discover everything about Priyanka Chopra’s magnificent Rs 204 Crore Bulgari Necklace, which raised the bar and stole the show at the MET Gala 2023

MET GALA 2023: The Met Gala 2023  was even more extravagant, daring, and grandiose than ever before! And this year, Bollywood diva Priyanka Chopra raised the standard even higher with her stunning Bulgari necklace, which cost a staggering Rs 204 crore. Priyanka brought her A-game on the red carpet and proved to the world that she is not only a skilled actress but also a fashion icon to be reckoned with, decked out in a breathtaking attire that had everyone gasping for air. Even though her Bulgari necklace was a show-stopper on its own, she looked nothing less than stunning when accessorised with her chic gown, flawless hair, and makeup.

Despite being used to glamour and glitz, Priyanka’s most recent necklace has taken her jewellery collection to a whole new level. The Bollywood icon donned an 11.6-carat diamond necklace to the Met Gala in 2023. The distinctive piece was made by Bulgari. The price of Priyanka’s necklace, however, truly caught our attention. A popular tweet claims that Priyanka’s neckpiece is worth $25 million, or approximately Rs 204 crore.

The 1970 Bulgari Laguna Blu, an amazing vintage blue diamond, was featured in Priyanka’s custom-made Bulgari High Jewellery necklace, demonstrating Bulgari’s extraordinary talent for creating exquisite jewellery from the rarest treasures of nature. The largest blue diamond ever used by Bulgari, the 11.16 carat antique Bulgari Laguna Blu diamond will be the most expensive Bulgari jewellery ever offered for sale when it does so later this May at Sotheby’s Geneva.

The Citadel actress arrived at the Met Gala red carpet while holding hands with boyfriend Nick Jonas and donning a sultry black Valentino gown with a thigh-high slit. Surprisingly, Priyanka’s arrival at the Met Gala in the eye-catching attire received the loudest cheers.

In keeping with the Met Gala’s reputation for outrageous and wild dress choices, Priyanka certainly didn’t disappoint. She showed that she is a fashion force to be reckoned with with her daring statement piece and assured manner.

Do you approve of Priyanka Chopra’s pricey Bulgari necklace?

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