Is Your Child Suffering From Stage Fright? Follow These Tips To Help Them


Show your child motivational speeches and videos.

The thought of being the centre of attention in a packed auditorium can give even the most chatty kids the jitters.

Some children get cold feet when asked to speak on stage. Stage fright is something even many adults suffer from; so it’s a given that many children have it too. While it is more prominent in introverts, the thought of being the centre of attention in a packed auditorium with every ear waiting to catch every word of yours can give even the most chatty kids the jitters. If you feel like your child also has stage fright, there are some steps you can take to help them overcome it. Read the tips mentioned below.

Do not compare your child with others

Embedding a sense of competition in kids at a young age is the worst thing a parent can do. It severely diminishes their confidence, as they will be always comparing themselves with other kids and their underconfidence will result in stage fright. Instead, tell them that giving their best-shot matters and performance is not important. Teach them to not compare themselves with other kids.

Take expert advice to motivate them

Take the advice of a counsellor to get your children to overcome their stage fear. If it is not possible to go to the counsellor, then show your child motivational speeches and videos of experts to increase their confidence and eliminate fear.

Make your child read aloud

Many children may talk a lot at home, but when they get on stage, they get nervous if they have to read or recite something. To overcome this nervousness, ask them to develop reading habits. For this, advise children to read books or online magazines out loud. This way, the vocabulary of children will be strong; and the more they are in the habit of reading aloud, the less they will fumble in public.

Provide them with knowledge about the subject

It is very natural to feel underconfident when speaking about a subject that one is not very knowledgeable about. Prepare your child by making them read more and more about what they would speak about. Their nervousness will automatically decrease when they are well-versed with the subject matter.

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