Here’s How Physical Activities Aid Child’s Growth


Remember the time when you played hide & seek, kho-kho in your childhood? Of course! Playing with friends shaped our childhood as well as our growth. Physical activities play a pivotal role in the growing years. However, in this digital era, regular physical activities are replaced by virtual games. Kids or even teenagers are little interested in going out in the field. Being physically active is just as important for teens as much as younger children. Many teenagers are not getting the right amount of physical activity their body needs. Instead, they are living a sedentary lifestyle and spending most of their time in front of the screen. To take down the risk of health complications at an early age, children need to be encouraged to take up physical activities

How physical activity benefits child development

1. Playing outdoor games with friends, improves the bond and social and communication skills of the child and adolescents.

2. Physical activities improve your child’s concentration, improving their memory and academic skills as well.

3. Taking up sports activities replenish energies. It helps to improve cardiorespiratory fitness by improving the flow of oxygen to all body parts. Playing sports like- tennis, badminton, football, and basketball helps to develop team spirit and leadership qualities in adolescents.

4. Physical activity boosts metabolism, burns fat and helps preventing diseases related to heart, blood pressure, diabetes and even obesity in children.

5. Physical activity can also be termed a mood elevator as it increases the release of Happy hormones.

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Here are a few easy Exercises for Children

1. Running and Jumping – Jumping jacks and running help in building muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness.

2. Aerobics & Cardio – Children above the age of six can do at least an hour a day of moderate aerobic activity.

3. Strength Training – Activities like Planks and Push-ups help kids to strengthen their upper bodies and core muscles in the abs and back.

4. Squats and Sit-Ups – These simple exercises build leg strength, giving kids a good starting point to play all kinds of sports and fitness activities.

5. Yoga and Stretching – Helps in relaxing the body post-workout and also prevents injuries.

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