Give A Fresh Look To Your Home In 2023 With Trendy Furniture Items


Undoubtedly, the New Year comes with lot of new hopes for one and all. And this is why, the year-end is possibly one of the best times to let go of the old and welcome new and classy furniture and home décor items that shall help in ushering in a fresh look to one’s home.

Now that we have been able to come out of the impact of Covid-19 to a great extent, majority of people are inclined to moving closer to nature and wanting to bring it back home. “And this is exactly why closer to nature is bound to become the in-theme of 2023. This trend, in turn, is also likely to give rise to an increase in open spaces minus any clutter. And additionally, sustainable furniture such as those made with reclaimed wood items are already gaining popularity and they may become one of the most sought-after items in 2023,” says Anand Suman, Founder, Cinnamon Homes.

We shall also possibly witness planters becoming more and more common inside urban Indian homes. “A fresh look can also be incorporated with the help of new and unique finishing in wooden furniture such as burnt wood, natural finish, rustique elements,” adds Suman. The year-end Christmas and New Year holiday season is often considered a favourite period to have weekend parties at home, and hence the concept of having an elegant recreational area inside your house shall also pick up. To this end, cosy couches, comfort chairs, and bar units shall become significant furniture items to have at home.

For Nidhi Aggarwal, founder, Spacemantra believes, multifunctional homes will undoubtedly be supported by interior design trends in 2023. “Custom tailored insides will take care of regular activities along with entertainment and exercise. They fill the void left by isolation from the situation. As a result, there will undoubtedly be more luxurious movie and game rooms, gyms, and saunas,” she says.

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Bended upholstery, for example, curved back couches and barrel seats, as well as round cushions and embellishments, appear to be getting back in the game for 2023. “Like arched doors and interior spaces, curving architecture is also very popular right now. We are already seeing a lot of curved sofas, accent chairs, and benches, so we expect a lot more curved furniture,” adds Aggarwal.

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