Follow These Tips to Keep Grains Safe During Monsoon


Monsoon season is here and it’s time to enjoy the pleasant weather. Many people love the rainy season, but along with the pleasant weather come high humidity and moisture in the air. This not only causes skin and hair issues but also impacts the shelf life of the food items.
During the rainy days the moisture in the air spoils the stored grains and pulses. Insects attack them easily. No matter how carefully we store the grains in an air-tight container, the moisture and humidity often spoil the food items.
If you are worried about your grains this monsoon try these easy hacks to protect your grains and pulses.
Whole Turmeric
Turmeric has a very strong smell, which drives away the insects. Just add 4-5 bales of whole turmeric and put it in the grain box for long and safe storage.
Mustard Oil
If your grains have been infected by insects, then you can use one teaspoon of mustard oil to clean them. Mix one teaspoon of mustard oil in the grain and then, place it in the sun for some time. Insects will disappear on their own.
Just like turmeric, garlic is also known to have a very strong smell. By keeping garlic in the grains, it won’t get mites. Dry some cloves of garlic and keep them in the boxes of lentils, rice and flour. With this your grain will be safe even in monsoon.
Keep in sun
To avoid the moisture, it is important to keep the grains and lentils in the sun regularly during the humid season. By exposing grains to sunlight, you are releasing the moisture and therefore, the insects disappear on their own.
Neem Leaves
Neem has antiseptic properties, which shoo away the mites and insects. Dry some neem leaves and put them in an airtight container along with grains. You can also use it in semolina and gram flour to protect it from getting spoiled.
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