Feathers Are A Part Of Us As FSP- Feathers Sequence and Prints Now


Falguni and Shane Peacock are renowned Indian fashion designers known for their distinctive and avant-garde designs. The duo, consisting of Falguni Peacock and Shane Peacock, started their fashion journey in 2002 and have since gained international recognition for their glamorous and edgy creations.

Falguni and Shane Peacock are celebrated for their bold use of colors, intricate embellishments, and innovative silhouettes. Their designs often incorporate elements of fantasy and theatricality, combining traditional Indian craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics. They are known for pushing boundaries and creating statement pieces that exude confidence and individuality.

Their work has been showcased at various prestigious fashion weeks, both in India and abroad. Their clientele includes renowned celebrities from Bollywood and Hollywood, who are drawn to their unique and glamorous creations. The brand has also collaborated with international brands and designers, further cementing their position in the global fashion scene.

Falguni and Shane Peacock’s designs are a fusion of traditional Indian artistry and modern sensibilities, making them a sought-after choice for red carpet events, weddings, and special occasions. Their bold and daring approach to fashion has established them as prominent figures in the Indian fashion industry and has earned them a dedicated following of fashion enthusiasts who appreciate their distinctive style. In a candid chat with News18, they discuss about their collaboration with Chivas Alchemy.

Question: Tell us about your collaboration and curation for Chivas Alchemy.

Answer: For the Chivas Alchemy, we’ve created an art installation. It is about the shifts in time. We wanted to create something that everyone can interpret themselves. So, we created a woman, a peacock woman, who is very glamorized and is wearing a gown and a leopard head, which is a part of our logo. That represents empowerment to us, and there are two daggers on the shoulders saying that is how people perceive. The dagger serves as a potent symbol of a dual nature of passion, on one hand, it empowers and uplifts us, while the other can be a source of judgment and scrutiny.

Question: What inspired you to choose the signature pieces for the evening?

Answer: Falguni and I were ideating and decided we’ll do an art installation, and we wanted it to represent us as a brand. We wanted to represent a woman, at the same time, we wanted to represent time, we wanted to present glamorous, we wanted to present a surreal moment and everyone taking their own interpretation from it. So that is how we embody the peacock woman. We’ve infused our brand ethos into it. So, we’ve taken things from, like our logo, if you see the head of the mannequin is a leopard, which is from our logo. And then the gown is what we do stunning, then this crystallises, glamorous, there is roses coming out from the body. So, it’s a kind of a different interpretation, which everyone can take on how they wanted to.

Question: What do you think about the other designers who are presenting their work today?

Answer: We are all friends; we all do amazing work!

Question: What is the future of fashion look like?

Answer: I think we are in a very interesting space right now. I think it’s getting interesting day on day! Like today, there is AI, you can use AI to do things, while we had used AI six years back to create stuff. And today we actually seeing it’s come to a common man. So, I feel that it’s a very interesting space we are living in. So much of this shift is moved from influencers, Genz’s. Cross cultural collaborations happening. The social media has brought different worlds together, like in a second you know exactly what’s happening in New York right now, you know, what’s happening in Dubai right now. You know, you can keep up with trends. I think we are living in a very exciting time.

Question: What new experiments are underway?

Answer: Constantly experimenting! experimenting on looks, whether experimenting on shoots and experimenting with the next collection, experimenting with the art. I think that’s what keeps us evolving, because we’re constantly creating and we’re constantly pushing our boundaries.

Question: You’ve experimented with feathers for a decade now and currently they are back. Do you plan to make feathers great again?

Answer: We’ve always had feathers, whether they were in trend or not! So, there are times when clients come back and say, I want feathers on it. So even if we try to move away from it, as people are still putting us back, that so I think it’s not going to leave us. It’s also a part of FSP as Feathers Sequence and Prints.

Source: www.news18.com


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