Fancy Mocktails You Can Try Making At Home To Beat The Heat This Summer


Don’t these drinks look absolutely tempting?

Not only are these mocktails very easy to make but if you have guest coming over then note that these drinks will certainly impress them

The summer months are upon us and as much as we keep saying that we do not want to indulge in nice fizzy mocktails, we actually need them. However, going out to a restaurant and buying soothing beverages can be an expensive affair and that in a way is simply not conducive.

What we need at the moment is recipes for some nice mocktails that can be made at home in a jiffy and the ingredients should not be difficult to procure. Well, you have nothing to worry about because we have got your back on this-

Orange Kaffir Lime Cooler


Orange juice – 100 mlKaffir lime – 4 leavesMint – 10 leavesOrange zest – 5 gmLemon chop – 5 gmIce cubes – 6 cubesSoda – 200 mlSugar syrup – 15 ml

Preparation time – 10 min


Slit the kaffir lime from the middle and add some orange zest to a glassAdd chopped lemons and mint leaves to it.Next, add ice as per your requirement and then go on to pour some orange juice over the ice.The next step is to add sugar syrup and soda to the concoction.Do not forget to stir it well and add a finishing touch by garnishing the mocktail with a slice of orange

Kahwa Kesar Iced Tea


Kahwa mix – 40 gm.Water – 400 mlHoney – 40 mlKesar (Saffron) – 1 pinchIce cubes – 5-6 cubes

Preparation time

Kahwa water mixture – 6-8 hours

Drink preparation time – 10 mins


Add the kahwa mixture into lukewarm water and keep it overnight.Next morning, strain the kahwa mixture that you had soaked in water.Remember to keep the kahwa-flavoured water in the chiller.Next, pour some honey, Kesar and add a good amount of ice cubes in kahwa water and mix well.Add ice cubes to an empty glass and pour the mixture over ice cubes.Garnish with some saffron.Serve cold.

Inputs by Chef Pradeep Panwar, Co-founder of The Charcuterie Co.

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