Eggs To Milk, 6 Superfoods To Your Diet For A Healthy Normal Delivery


A pregnancy diet should contain a lot of nutrient-rich foods.

Proper consumption of certain foods can play an effective role in helping with a hassle-free normal delivery.

During pregnancy, a woman’s body demands extra care. It is because the body goes through many physiological changes, leading to distinct needs of the developing baby. As a result, the metabolic demand also reaches a high. To keep the development of immunity intact, it is mandatory to establish and maintain helpful bacteria. This requires a fibre-rich plant-based diet which consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes.

While most women want a normal delivery, they end up resorting to caesarean due to complications. According to experts, caesarean delivery may increase the risk of obesity and weakness. Proper consumption of certain foods can play an effective role in helping with a hassle-free normal delivery. Gynecologist Dr Sneha Bathla of Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Delhi, explains how the consumption of these 6 foods can help in the process.


According to experts, drinking milk comes with numerous health benefits. The consumption of cow milk especially boosts immunity. It is also considered a good source of protein. One cup of milk provides 8.22 grams of protein, which aids the health of both the mother and the child. Protein is required for strengthening the uterus, improving blood supply, and providing nutrients to the baby.

Sweet Potatoes

A good source of beta-carotene, sweet potatoes are essential for the growth of cells and tissues. Beta-carotene, when inside the body, gets converted into Vitamin A. These foods are high in potassium, copper, and vitamin C.

Orange juice

Vitamin C-rich food helps your baby get all the necessary nutrients, as it is packed with folate and potassium. This will also improve the baby’s ability to absorb iron in the body. One glass of iron juice should be consumed every day for the better health of the mother and her baby.


Oatmeal is packed with all the vital nutrients. However, it should be consumed to maintain an adequate intake of carbohydrates. It should be a part of your diet to ensure that you are never low on energy. Besides carbohydrates, oatmeal also offers selenium, vitamin B, phosphorus, and calcium.


Eggs come with plenty of vitamins, proteins, and minerals. The high amount of protein present in eggs makes it vital for the growing kid. This not only aids in generating the cells of the foetus but also repairs the same. In addition to that, eggs also offer a lot of choline, which is necessary for the development of the brain.


Bananas are popular as a source of folic acid, calcium, potassium, and vitamin B6. Rich in antioxidants, bananas boost energy levels; therefore, they can prove to be beneficial if added to your diet.

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