Does Rajma Chawal Make You Feel Bloated? This Is What You Can Do


Many people feel bloated after consuming various food items.

Adding buttermilk to your meal is important as it contains healthy bacteria, which can enhance gut health.

Rajma chawal or chole chawal are all-time favourite meals of many people. They are not only lip-smacking but are a powerhouse of nutrients like carbohydrates, vitamins and other necessary proteins as well. Despite these characteristics, many people will feel bloated after consuming these food items. Do not need to worry. Dietitian Manpreet Kalra has shared some tips on Instagram, which can help people enjoy these meals without feeling bloated or gassy.

Mid-meal buttermilk: Adding buttermilk to your meal is important as it contains healthy bacteria which can enhance gut health.

Avoid eating raw salad along with a cooked meal: You should avoid eating raw salad along with cooked meals. It is because both food items have different digestion times and their combination causes indigestion and gas.

Drink Ginger tea: Consume ginger tea as it will help in the secretion of digestive juices and enzymes, which help in the process of digestion. Ginger tea can be made by adding ½ inch of ginger to 200 ml of warm water. Manpreet says ginger tea should be consumed before eating food.

Eat fennel and jaggery: Eating these two food items can improve gut health and digestion.

The dietician also suggested that people avoid consuming fruits after lunch.

Some precautionary measures should be taken in cooking as well, which can make the legumes like rajma and chole less gassy. Beans should be soaked for 8-12 hours before cooking them. They should be chewed properly so that nutrients can be absorbed more easily.

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