Did You Know About “Breadfruit”? This Newly Cultivated Fruit Is Dominating Govinda’s Nursery At Kaliaganj


It is a fruit that anyone can eat as a piece of bread or curry. (Image: File Photo)

As a part of an experimentation this extraordinary fruit is now being cultivated in small town in West Bengal

Did you know that you can get roti from a tree? Yes, it’s happening. Kaliaganj of North Dinajpur district has tried out the first experimental cultivation of breadfruit. This bread tastes different from normal bread but can be eaten like bread as a heavy meal. This breadfruit, full of extraordinary nutrients, is now being cultivated in a nursery in Kaliaganj.

Nursery owner Govinda Saha is cultivating. Govind said six months ago. He brought this breadfruit seedling from Bangladesh and planted it experimentally in his nursery. Govinda Saha planted these breadfruit trees around September and October. Govind said this tree flowers in the middle of April. And the fruits can be collected from this tree from early August to mid-September.

A large tree bears more than 500 fruits per season. Each fruit weighs between 500 grams and 6 kg. Govind said, “This breadfruit looks a lot like jackfruit and when the fruit is collected from the tree, a white pulp like jackfruit also comes out. The fruit looks like a jackfruit but tastes like a sweet potato. Govind Saha said that this breadfruit has no seeds. Seedlings are produced from the root of the tree and can also be propagated by grafting. These breadfruits grow beautifully in light-shaded areas. In the hot season, small seedlings should be watered daily and organic fertilizer should be applied at the base of the plant once in two months.”

It is a fruit that anyone can eat as a piece of bread or curry. Even as an alternative to wheat or rice or pitha and pies, this breadfruit can be eaten.

Kaliaganj’s prominent doctor Chinmoy Debgupta said, “This breadfruit is usually cultivated in tropical countries including Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. This bread has all the ingredients of a balanced diet. Breadfruit is rich in sugars but also rich in many qualities including carbohydrates, proteins, dietary fibre, vitamins, and minerals.

Dr. Chinmoy Debgupta also said, ‘This breadfruit or breadfruit is rich in potassium to control blood pressure in the body and improve heart health. Also, this breadfruit prevents and controls diabetes. It even helps in digestion. This breadfruit also helps in relieving constipation and improves brain function.’ Chinmoy said breadfruit is very beneficial for pregnant mothers.

However, this fruit has some side effects, those who have bleeding problems or allergy problems should consume this fruit with the doctor’s advice. Meanwhile, many tree lovers came to Govind Saha’s nursery to take these breadfruit trees after hearing that the first breadfruit was being cultivated in Kaliaganj. Moumita Sarkar, who came to pick the breadfruit tree said, “When you hear the name of breadfruit, bread comes to mind. So he came to the nursery to buy this fruit or tree to see if it really looks like bread or not.”

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