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Delhi to run for spinal surgery awareness

Delhi to run for spinal surgery awareness

spinal-surgeryNew Delhi, Dec 9: Around eighty patients, who have undergone surgery for back pain, are going to be running the Delhi 0.5 Marathon Dec fifteen to push awareness on the condition and viability of safe spine surgery.

“Although effective pain management interventions and programme do exist, provisions of those service don’t seem to be consistent. Chronic pain isn’t given priority. there’s a scarcity of awareness on the condition and its injurious effects,” aforesaid Shankar Acharya, senior spine operating surgeon of Ganga Ram hospital.

“Myths like one needs multiple spine surgeries, post surgery one are going to be bedrid for a protracted time exist in our country. Safe spine surgery isn’t offered in India and thus patients realize it tough to require call,” superimposed Acharya.

The patients who have recovered with success when the surgery shared their expertise and highlighted its importance.

“I have started valuing my health. currently i do know however necessary it’s to take care of spine health,” aforesaid Vineet Malhotra, fashionable anchor with modern Sports who underwent spine surgery at a young age.

“One mustn’t attempt to run aloof from surgery, i’m able to run within the marathon due to it,” he added.

“When i used to be 25-year-old I underwent 2 surgeries when facing a pain within the right leg, and that i am fine currently,” aforesaid Seema Sachdeva, a homemaker currently 45-year-old.

The cases of back pain are increasing because of improper sitting posture, poor work habits, lack of correct exercise and different life-style connected factors.


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