Deepika Padukone To Pooja Hegde: Bollywood Divas Who Love To Rock A No Make-up Look


Isn’t is absolutely amazing how they are embracing their raw skin? (Images: Instagram)

These no-makeup looks have our heart and soul and are simply setting such fantastic goals

Over the years, the beauty industry has been constantly evolving. We have witnessed countless trends come and go. Recently, actors have been embracing their natural skin sporting no-makeup looks, and setting high standards for healthy skin. One must remember that in order to ace a no-makeup look, you need to have a fantastic skincare game.

Going bare skin can be intimidating initially but with time you will come to embrace and accept it with confidence. Some of our favourite B-town divas are acing no-makeup looks, so here is taking a look at some of them-

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is an advocate for good skincare regimens, her love for skincare has pushed her to create a brand of her own. The actress loves to go bare-skin every now and then flaunting her impeccable skin.

Alia Bhatt –

Alia Bhatt has become a role model for many by embracing her imperfections and promoting the no-makeup look.

Pooja Hegde

Pooja Hegde is positively influencing her fans and followers to embrace their natural beauty and accept themselves through her social media posts showcasing her no-makeup looks.

Janhvi Kapoor –

Janhvi Kapoor is radiating sheer confidence as she embraces her bare raw skin and truth be told, she looks resplendent.

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