Debina Bonnerjee Shares Her Experience On Breastfeeding


Last Updated: January 04, 2023, 18:35 IST

Debina Bonnerjee is the mother of two lovely daughters. (Photo: Instagram)

Debina Bonnerjee is the mother of two lovely daughters. (Photo: Instagram)

Debina has always been very open about her post-partum blues and has given honest statements about her experiences such as her entire experience with breastfeeding.

Experiencing parenthood is one of the most beautiful phases of a couple’s life. And popular actors Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Choudhary are enjoying the same phase with their two daughters – Lianna and Ninudi. Debina Bonnerjee has been vocal about the challenges of motherhood, in her latest vlog shared her experience with breastfeeding.

On her YouTube channel Debina Decodes, she started the video by saying, “In my journey with two kids, I’ve had an experience, of one with no breast milk production and another side with a good satisfactory amount of milk production.”

Moreover, in her video, Debina said that it is not necessary that every woman produces an adequate amount of milk for her babies and there’s nothing to be sad about.

“Many people believe that mother’s milk is very healthy for babies. Certainly, it is so. But if your breast is not producing milk, then there is nothing you can do about it. At the end of the day, our body is reacting this way,” she added.

Citing the example of her daughter Lianna, she said that there are different types of formula milk available in the market, and babies who drink it grow up healthy and strong as well.

Describing her experience of breastfeeding to Ninudi, Debina stated, “The starting days are pleasing, as you feel immense joy when you realise that you can produce food for your baby. For that, you are ready to make all the changes, eat right and do everything in the right order.”

Following her statement, she continued, “But when the baby starts drinking from you, you realise the hard part of the process because there is a lot of nipple soreness and you have to sit for a long time. Sitting for long hours causes pain in the back.” The actress said that she has started experiencing acute pain on the right side of her back.

She went on to suggest a food item that can help to produce breast milk— “Gond ke ladoo”. She advised all the mothers who feed their children should take care of their food as well.

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