Can The CICO Help You With Weight Loss? Here Is What You Need To Know


Counting your calories is actually not a bad habit. (Image: Shutterstock)

The CICO diet does not involve a lot of fancy things but only on one particular thing which if combined with exercising can show good results

In recent times, a trend that is doing the rounds is the CICO diet. From the top health influencers to gym enthusiasts everyone is talking about this form of diet on social media. From what is going around one could easily say, it is the new big thing but what is it exactly?

For all those in the unknown, the CICO diet is a short form for “Calories In, Calories Out,” which is sort of a weight loss approach that puts focus on creating a calorie deficit in the diet of a person. This diet trend puts focus on the principle that for a person to lose weight, one has to consume fewer calories than one can burn. The diet however does not restrict any specific food groups but rather highlights portion control and constant tracking of calorie intake.

Remember that if you are monitoring and balancing the calories that you have consumed and expended, those following the CICO diet can aim to achieve weight loss and manage their overall calorie balance rather effectively.

A lot of reports regarding the CICO diet however mention the fact that more than this being a diet, it can be termed as a specific concept which focuses on the importance of a calorie-deficit diet. For years, a lot of health-conscious individuals have been following a lifestyle where they practice calorie deficit.

In simple terms, if your body’s calorie requirement is 2500 calories a day and you have consumed only 1800 calories throughout the day then you will be running at a deficit of 700 calories which is a lot in terms of the health aspect. For the simple reason that your body is in a deficit of calories, you will shed weight quicker. However, in order to lose weight a calorie deficit is not just going to work, one needs to be focused on exercising as well.

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