Benny Dayal’s Wife, Catherine Dayal Spills Unknown Facts About Their Marriage; The Post Screams Relationship Goals


The Dayals are the epitome of love. Are they not?

Benny Dayal wed his longtime love Catherine Thangam on June 5, 2016. Tomorrow marks the couple’s wedding anniversary, and the singer’s wife shared a lovely Instagram post that is pure relationship fuel. Check out the reel right here

In a secret ceremony in 2016, Bollywood singer Benny Dayal married his model-actress girlfriend Catherine Thangam.The Kerala-born ‘Badtameez Dil’ hitmaker is known for songs like ‘Tu Meri Dost Hai,’ ‘Kaise Mujhe,’ ‘Tarkeebein,’ and ‘Daaru Desi.’ He has also performed in films in Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam. Catherine, who is based in New York, was born and raised in Kuwait. Catherine has performed on numerous stages across the US. She has training in Indian classical dance.

The couple frequently won our hearts with their rapport on camera and amusing yet adorable Instagram videos. Catherine just shared a really amazing video where she is shown going into great detail about the three things we never knew about their wedding. We must admit that after seeing their relationship in adorable Instagram photos and clips, we are truly intrigued to learn more about their beautiful bonding.

Watch the video below to see the couple’s lovely wedding moments:

Chatherine wrote in-depth on the three factors and included excerpts from their wedding day. She captioned her post as follows:

“Ahead of our anniversary, here are 3 things you didn’t know about our marriage. 💍

Dayal is not my official last name 👀
– When I got married, I moved immediately and didn’t have time to change all my documents. For me it was easier to keep my name as is. It was unconventional and I got some slack for it but just because I didn’t change my last name didn’t mean I was married any less!I manage on our home finances 💰
– With Benny’s work schedule, I deal with most of the home finances. Finances are different for every family but this works best for us and helps us keep on top of things.Our marriage is long distance 📱
– There are some months that we might see each other a handful of times because of Benny’s work. It requires a lot of sacrifice and not always easy but we try to remain strong!All marriages look different and everyone (including us) goes through it’s own struggles so no need to compare. We are still growing in our marriage life and looking forward to see what the future holds, together. ❤️ #CathyAndBenny #CatherineDayal #BennyDayal #MarriageAnniversary #MarriageStories

Now, aren’t those true relationship goals? They have raised the bar for truly wonderful unconventional marriages and deepened their bond by choosing to talk about it, reminding lovers everywhere that a little bit of sacrifice and a whole lot of heart can make everything right for all of us. Do you agree?

Still not done? Check out how this extremely gorgeous couple genuinely supports one another, shouts love to the world, and actually makes us all swoon.

Benny Dayal and Catherine Thangam are one of the cutest couples in the world of pop culture, and we hope they keep making us feel great with their mushy romance and PDAs online. We hope for them a lifetime of love and light!

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