Benefits and Drawbacks of Face Products Used by Bollywood Divas for Young, Healthy Skin


Face rollers are an excellent at-home facial product that promotes blood flow to the face.

Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and Alia Bhatt have often spoken about using a silver face roller. This tool is a great facial tool for at-home use that promotes blood flow to the face. Read here to know more on these facial products

Everyone appreciates having gorgeous skin. However, getting there can be difficult. Despite all the stress and hard work, it’s imperative that you set aside those few minutes each day for your skincare and beauty routine. And for those of us who are jealous of celebrities’ flawless skin, you should know that they take great care of it and that their flawless skin is a result of the time and effort they invest in their beauty routines.

While using natural ingredients to create a lovely face mask is crucial, everyone today regularly uses facial tools as part of their daily skincare procedures. Face rollers and massagers made of jade are cheap, lightweight, and great for your skin. In fact, many celebrities and beauty influencers routinely spoke on their social media profiles throughout the lock down to showcase the amazing effects that facial tools had on their complexion.

Here are a few face tools that Bollywood stars and other celebrities adore without further ado. Look at this!

Deepika Padukone’s face roller:

In one of her posts, the actress was spotted using a silver face roller. This gadget is a great facial tool for at-home use that promotes blood flow to the face. Apply a skin-friendly essential oil to your entire face with a face roller to welcome good skin!

Alia Bhatt’s T-Bar Facial Massage:

Alia described having a battery-operated, 24K gold face roller on a vlog. It is produced by a local business and treats the skin with gold ions and a soothing massage that also helps the skin absorb skincare products better.

Priyanka Chopra’s Solar Equipped Gua Sha:

Priyanka Chopra said she applies a heated facial massager after icing her skin before going in front of the camera. Her go-to MUA has also admitted that she uses the Refa 4 Caxa Ray, a comparable piece of solar-powered gear in the shape of a Gua Sha, on her.

Pros And Cons Of Face Rollers And Gua Sha

Gua sha and face rollers are examples of natural skin care products. Study the advantages and disadvantages of employing these right here:

People frequently use face rollers to improve their skin. Numerous studies have shown that it can increase circulation, tighten skin, and even lessen eye puffiness. Numerous face rollers are constructed from a crystal, such as jade or quartz. On one end of the handle is a smooth roller. They often have a chilly, smooth surface, and come in a variety of materials. A gua sha works on your skin very similarly to a face roller. Gua sha is another natural and alternative skin therapy that involves scraping the skin with a massage implement in order to increase blood flow.

Benefits of Gua Sha and Face RollersEnhances blood flow:
Without using your fingers, you can massage your face naturally at home by rolling your face or using gua sha. They increase blood circulation and, if applied with the proper pressure, open up the skin tissues. After using a massage roller on the face, there is a noticeable increase in the blood flow to the skin.Improves mood:
Face rollers and gua sha are said to improve mood by calming the nervous system. An effective facial massage is thought to improve one’s mood. It has the ability to internally reenergize and soothe you.Lessens eye-area puffiness:
Face rollers are sometimes used to relieve puffiness, particularly around the eyes. The fluid collection in a few areas of the face is the main cause of puffiness. It might be feasible to disseminate this fluid by gently stroking the face. The impact of lowering under-eye puffiness can be enhanced by chilling a face roller in the refrigerator.Makes skin more taut:
Also, there is a direct correlation between using face rollers or gua sha on the face and having firm, taut skin. You may effortlessly tighten your skin and massage the skin tissue at home. The best advantage of employing these skin remedies is that. In actuality, it will also make your skin softer and more supple.Gua Sha and Face Roller Side EffectsMicrofiber Brushing or Light Bleeding:
Gua sha is quite secure as a natural treatment. Although the procedure is not unpleasant, it rarely alters the appearance of your skin. Capillaries at the surface of your skin may burst as a result of the rubbing or scraping that a massage instrument causes on the skin. Minor skin bleeding or bruises may result from this. Most bruises disappear in a day or two. However, if you follow the advice of a professional, the likelihood of this occurring is reduced.Skin pigmentation:
Absolutely typical after using gua sha or face rollers is skin redness. Most of it goes away after a few hours. Utilising the roller just before bed is the greatest strategy to treat skin redness. Most people’s skin will return to normal the next morning. Most people experience this side effect, which is frequent. Therefore, when using it, be careful not to apply excessive pressure to the skin.Face Inflammation:
People with sensitive skin may experience this, especially when exerting excessively firm pressure during rolling, but it should start to go away within a few hours. It’s crucial to avoid using a gua sha or face roller on inflammatory skin problems like rosacea because doing so can exacerbate skin inflammation. Face inflammation is a rare side effect of Gua sha and face rollers. Riya Ashok MadayiRiya’s passion is writing on anything lifestyle. She loves everything, from travelling to trying out new cuisine and genres of music. Riya lives with …Read More



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