3 Best Bollywood-Inspired Bridal Looks For Your Wedding Day


As a child, you must have, at least for once, dreamt of becoming a bride or groom. The wedding day is one of the most important and special days in the life of a person. There are many different bridal looks to choose from, ranging from classic and traditional to modern and trendy. Some brides prefer a more natural, understated look, while others may opt for a more glamorous or dramatic style. The look may also depend on the theme or location of the wedding.

With the rise of social media and celebrity culture, people are turning to Bollywood celebs for bridal look inspiration. Bollywood movies are known for their grandeur and opulence, especially when it comes to bridal looks. And since the wedding season is here, let’s get a sight of some of the most breathtaking brides from Bollywood movies:

1. Aishwarya Rai in Jodhaa Akbar:

Aishwarya Rai’s bridal look in “Jodhaa Akbar” was grand and royal, befitting a Mughal princess. She was seen wearing a traditional Rajputi Poshak, which is a long, flowing dress with a heavily embroidered bodice and a wide skirt. The dress was made of rich, red silk and was embellished with intricate gold zari work and precious stones.

Her jewellery was equally stunning, with a heavy gold necklace, earrings, and maang tikka (a traditional Indian headpiece). The jewellery was also studded with precious stones and pearls, adding to its grandeur. Aishwarya’s hair was styled in a classic braided bun, adorned with flowers and jewellery.

Her makeup was also quite elaborate, with a focus on enhancing her features. She had kohl-lined eyes, bold eyebrows, and a bright red lip colour, which complemented her bridal outfit perfectly. Overall, Aishwarya Rai’s bridal look in “Jodhaa Akbar” was opulent and breathtaking, and it remains one of the most iconic bridal looks in Bollywood history. It perfectly captured the grandeur and beauty of the Mughal era, and Aishwarya looked every bit like the regal princess she was portraying on screen.

2. Alia Bhatt in 2 states:

Alia Bhatt was seen wearing a beautiful red and gold Kanjeevaram saree, which is a classic bridal attire in South India. The saree was draped in the typical Tamilian style, with a pallu over the head, giving her a very regal and graceful appearance.

Her saree was paired with traditional gold jewellery, including a heavy necklace, earrings, and bangles. Her hair was tied in a neat bun, adorned with jasmine flowers. She donned a bright red bindi and completed her bridal look.

Overall, she looked simple yet elegant and reflected the character of Ananya Swaminathan, who was a traditional yet modern Tamilian girl.

3. Kareena Kapoor in Veere Di Wedding

Kareena’s wedding attire was quite unconventional, modern, unique and edgy. She wore a stunning ivory-coloured lehenga, which had intricate silver and gold threadwork and sequins. The lehenga was paired with a matching choli and a sheer dupatta, which had an embellished border.

Her jewellery was also unconventional, with a layered choker necklace and a delicate waist belt, which added a modern twist to her bridal look. She wore statement earrings and a maang tikka, which added to the overall grandeur of her outfit. Her hair was styled in a sleek, centre-parted bun.

Kareena Kapoor’s bridal look in this movie broke away from the traditional red and gold bridal look that is commonly seen.

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