Top 15 low calorie Indian foods


lowcaloricesButtermilk – This thick delicious dairy product goes well with any dish and is relished by family members.
Calorie intake – 30 calories per glass

Ragi dosa – A popular South Indian dish that is made from ragi and not from rice. It is still a winner among dosa lovers.
Calorie intake – 87 calories per dosa

Oats idli – Idlis are a great way to begin your day. Again, it is a South Indian delicacy that has Indians lapping it up with hot sambar. If you are going the healthy way prepare the idlis from oats, it is healthy and a great way to start your day.
Calorie intake – 26 calories per idli

Chicken tikka – A hit with foreigners, chicken tikka needs no explanation. It is definitely healthier than chicken tikka masala.
Calorie intake – 273 calories per plate

Dal tarka – Every Indian loves the simple dal and chawal. It is healthy and no longer a poor man’s food.
Calorie intake – 118 calories for a small bowl

Pappads – You can fry it in hot oil or pop it in a microwave without oil. Microwave yourself to healthy, crispy pappads.
Calorie intake – 52 calories per pappad

Tandoori roti – Prepared from whole wheat, tandoori roti is baked in a clay oven that gives it a distinguished taste. A healthy accompaniment to Indian curries and tandoori chicken.
Calorie intake – 102 calories per tandoori roti

Tandoori chicken – Indian food is synonymous with tandoori chicken. It may be overstated but it garners a huge fan following across the globe.
Calorie intake – 273 calories per piece

Mixed vegetable curries – You can never go wrong with mixed vegetable curry, but it has to be prepared in at the very most one tablespoon of oil.
Calorie intake – 95 calories for 100gms

Fish curries – India is surrounded by the sea on three sides and as a result, we have amazing recipes that surround local fish. Prepare your fish in moderate masala quantities and low oil.
Calorie intake – 323 calories for a small bowl

Sprouts salad – Sprouts are healthy; add a dash of sour lime and a pinch of spice and you have a great combination sprout salad.
Calorie intake – 93 calories per 100gms

Raita – Cucumber raita is a great way to extinguish the fiery meal and cool the digestive tract. The curds from the raita also contain resourceful enzymes.
Calorie intake – 38 calories for a small bowl

Palak paneer – Palak is rich in iron and paneer is a healthy dairy product. Palak paneer is an all time favourite among vegetarians and non vegetarians.
Calorie intake – 189 calories per bowl

Rasam – A South Indian dish that infuses several flavours from different spices. Chop in some veggies and you have a scrumptious dish.
Calorie intake – 60 calories for a small bowl

Dhokla – A Gujarati favourite, dhokla is a dish made from fermented gram flour that is steamed.
Calorie intake – 22 calories

Lemon rice – A simple dish that does not need a lot of spice and oil, just a healthy dose of sour lime.
Calorie intake – 185 calories


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