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Orange Rind

Orange Rind

orange peelHindi Name: Santre Ka chilka

Orange rind also known as orange zest is the colored outer skin peeled from the fruit orange. Once it’s peeled, it releases instant aroma round the surroundings. it’s as a result of the essential oils that are in the zest. peel shouldn’t be confused to the underlying white portion of the peel.


The rind is popularly used in cooking as a flavourer agent for its oil glands and strong flavor. it’s also used for decorative purposes in cookies, cakes and puddings.

Apart from its preparation uses, orange peel can also be used as a glass cleaner, air freshener and odour neutralizer. it’s usually used by women as a facial cleansing agent too.

Did you know?

Orange rind will be used to soften brown sugar. The moisture from the peel helps to clear the lumps and make the sugar usable.


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