Home Food & Drinks Onions too costly? Cook with chives

Onions too costly? Cook with chives

Onions too costly? Cook with chives

Cook with chivesWith soaring costs of onions, how concerning using chives as a replacement? The herbs will provide you the flavour of onion without being too strong!

With its thin, green blades, this smallest member of the onion family imparts a gentle, grassy flavour like that of spring onions. The Asian sort of chives is named garlic chives.

The herb is available in markets. when shopping for, select green leaves with no browning or wilting. It will be kept cold for up to 3 days.

There’s a lot you can do with chives.
you can make a sauce out of it, use it as a garnish over salads and in sandwiches or add it to a hearty soup, the delicate herbs work even as well. it is best to snip the chives with alittle pair of scissors and don’t overcook them or they will lose their taste


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