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Foods that lower blood pressure

Foods that lower blood pressure

BLOOD-PRESSURE1: Peel down your B.P with bananas

If you want to lower your blood pressure, then bananas are a great option. They are cheap, available all throughout the year and are loaded with potassium. Potassium helps to lower your blood pressure by 2 to 3 points and helps to lower the risk of stroke.

Sunita says – Banana is one of the best foods, as it is loaded with potassium. Potassium helps the kidney to filter more pressure-boosting sodium out of your bloodstream and helps tiny blood vessels relax and make pressure in the artery walls function more efficiently.

2: Skimmed milk

Want to lower your blood pressure, then sip in a glass of skimmed milk every day. Skimmed milk will do wonders for your body, as it loaded with calcium and vitamin D. These two nutrients work as a team and help to lower down your blood pressure and strengthen your bones. Besides, it also helps to reduce the risk of various cardiovascular ailments.

3: Watermelon

Watermelon is not just a summer-refreshing food, but it is also a heart health promoting food. Watermelon is loaded with fiber, lycopenes, vitamin A and potassium. All these nutrients have blood pressure-lowering effects.

4: Oranges

This super rich vitamin fruit – is another best food you should indulge in, to lower down your risk of developing high blood pressure. Opt in for a glassful of orange juice or eat the whole fruit to load yourself with fiber and vitamin C.

5: Dark chocolate

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Eating a square piece of dark chocolate every day, will help to lower down blood pressure readings, because of their richness in flavonoids – they are the natural compounds that cause dilation of the blood vessels. Sunita recommends, choose dark chocolates, which have approximately 50 to 70 percent cacao.

6: Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin E, folic acid, protein and fiber. Just a handful of sunflower seeds consumption, will helps to lower your blood pressure and promote your heart-health. Sunflower seeds, release a peptide that inhibits the body’s production of enzymes that’s known to raise blood pressure. So start munching in salt less, sunflower seeds to promote your health.

7: Whole grain

Indulging into whole grain rich breakfast like cereals and oats is one of the best ways to promote good health. Eating oatmeal or wheat for breakfast, not only helps us to stay full for a long time but it also helps to lower down your blood pressure. So, if you have been diagnosed recently with blood pressure, then start taking you breakfast as the most important mean of the day.

8: Spinach

Popeye’s favorite green leafy vegetable – spinach, is loaded with heart-healthy nutrients. It is low in calories, high in fiber, potassium, folate and magnesium. All these properties help in maintaining and lowering blood pressure levels.

9: Sweet potatoes

This sweet food is loaded with potassium. Richness in potassium helps to keep the sodium levels low and thus drives down the blood pressure.

10: Grape juice

Sip in grape juice, after your workout to reduce your blood pressure. Wondering why? Grape juice includes polyphenols, which helps to lower down the level of your blood pressure considerably. Polyphenols trigger the production of nitric oxide, which helps to dilute blood vessels and thus helps to lower blood pressure. Sip in at least 2 glasses of grape juice every day, but before sipping in loose out some calories as they are a good calorie source.

11: Beans

Including beans like kidney beans or black beans is one of best ways, to load yourself soluble fiber, magnesium and potassium. All these nutrients are excellent ingredients for lowering blood pressure and improving overall health.

12: Berries

Add all types of berries to your diet, as they are packed with polyphenols, flavonols and anthocyanins. Besides, they are also loaded with vitamin C, float, potassium and fiber. Just add handful of berries each day to boost your heart health, to lower your blood pressure and to spike your good cholesterol.


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