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Coffee can increase physical, mental performance

Coffee can increase physical, mental performance

caffeine.coffeeLos Angeles, November 9 : Caffeine found in coffee leads to an increased production of adrenaline which stimulates energy production and improves blood flow to the muscles and the heart, says an expert.

John Stanley said, Caffeine could modulate fatigue and influence ratings of exertion, perceived pain and energy levels, all of which are likely to lead to improvement in performance.

The way of caffeine in coffee to improve physical performance during aerobic exercise and to restore mental performance when it has been impaired by fatigue deserves wider recognition.
Drinking a cup of coffee about 20-30 minutes before you exercise can allow you to exercise for up to 30 % longer. The most notable impact of caffeine on performance is in sports such as cycling, tennis and swimming.

Moderate coffee intake can also help improve alertness and concentration due to its caffeine content.


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