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An Oz twist to desi food

An Oz twist to desi food

ozonAll regarding food: Food was the subject of debate at this lunch hosted by the Australian embassy in association with Olive at the Mehrauli, Qutub recently.

Two of Australia’s most famous chefs, Ian Curley and Mark Best, were the pinnacle chefs at the side of cook Vikram from Olive. the the diplomat wasn’t gift owing to his official commitments, his married woman Natalie Daalder attended this do. Deputy diplomat, physiologist prince was seen hospitable the guests and interacting with the chefs.

Adding a trifle of spice: we tend to spoke to Ian and Mark, each of whom are to India before. They told United States of America, It’s invariably a pleasure to be here. we tend to still haven’t had an opportunity to explore town on our own as a result of work commitments keep United States of America occupied. there’s such a lot regarding this place that catches your attention.” we tend to asked them if they were fascinated by tasting the celebrated street food within the town, however Ian did not appear too keen. He said, We’re too previous to handle the spices. My family won’t be okay with ME having all this delicious however not-so-healthy food.


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