Your Smart TV Might Not Get The Android TV 13 Update: Here’s Why


Last Updated: June 09, 2023, 19:01 IST

United States of America (USA)

The next Android TV update could be different

Android TV has been rebranded to Google TV for the latest models but the new version could see a big change this year.

If you have the latest Android TV models running on the Android TV 12 version and wondering when it will get the Android TV 13 update, we have some bad and good news. The bad news is that the Android TV 13 version might never happen. That’s right, reports suggest Google has shelved plans for Android TV 13 version but the good news is that you might straight away get upgraded to Android TV 14 version next.

Yes, it seems Google has ditched the Android TV 13 version altogether and moved to Android TV 14 version for smart TVs. We didn’t get a lot of details about the next Android TV version at the I/O 2023 keynote last month, and this silence is being regarded as part of big changes at the company.

The latest beta for Android TV and Google TV devices has come out without any update or news from Google, which suggests the company is still trying to work out its plans for the next Android TV version.

We are not sure why Google would decide against having an Android TV 13 version and jump straight to Android TV 14. It is possible that the company feels that most of the smart TV models have been running on Android TV 11 or 12 version for a long time, and maybe they deserve the latest features of the Android TV 14 version?

We can only say it for certain when Google officially shares an update about this rumoured change. Either way, moving to Android TV 14 could spell bad news for some of the existing Android smart TVs as most of these models are promised just 2 years of OS updates, which to be honest has been hard to fulfil for most TV manufacturers till date.

Most likely, you will see Android TV 14 as part of the new TVs that come out later this year, or early next year. Till then, you can use the Android TV 12 version until brands decide to move up the Android ladder in the coming months.

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