With The Launch Of New Mac Pro, Apple Bids Adieu To Intel-Powered Macs


Last Updated: June 09, 2023, 17:48 IST

MacBook Air M1 came out in 2020 and now all the Macs are using the Apple Silicone

Apple introduced the first M-series chip in 2020 with the MacBook Air and now it has all the Macs running on its own silicone.

The new era for Apple began when the first-gen M1 chipset was rolled out a few years back. The new chipset showed everyone that Apple is ready to end its association with Intel and focus on the Mac hardware internally. Now, that change is finally complete with the launch of the new M-series Mac Pro earlier this week.

Apple has effectively said goodbye to Intel and its Core chipsets that have been the backbone of Apple Mac systems for more than a decade. If you browse through Apple’s Mac catalogue today, you will find that all the models, starting from the MacBook Air to the high-end Mac Pro are now using first or second-gen Apple M-series silicone.

Tim Cook, CEO, Apple had talked about upgrading its products to the M-series in a short time, but even Intel might not have envisaged the changes to come in around three years since the first M-series chip was announced with the MacBook Air.

Apple has shown that a tighter control on hardware and software can pay rich dividends, and the best example to prove its case are iPhones, where the company has been using its A-series chips since the early days. After all, Apple couldn’t have given you iPhone camera support on the Mac if it was still running on the Intel chips.

Bringing the M-series chip has shown us that Apple has exceeded in upgrading the Mac hardware not only with its performance boost but also excellent battery readings. Apple also showed us that Intel was lagging way behind in the PC chipset tech and it felt like the Cupertino-based giant had enough of the partnership and decided to take matters into its own hands.

Coming back to the Intel-powered Macs, Apple has not said what happens to these devices, will they continue to get OS updates for a few years or has Apple completely shifted its support systems for the M-series Mac lineup.

Either way, we would suggest that if any of you is still using the Mac with Intel SoC, it might be time to move to the M-series Macs, which starts with the MacBook Air M1 to ensure the product continues to receive official updates from the company.

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