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Three killed in Muzaffarangar clashes

Three killed in Muzaffarangar clashes

muzaffrnagrclashLucknow, October 31 the fragile peace in Muzaffarnagar was shattered Wednesday evening as communal clashes between 2 groups left 3 individuals dead, police said.

The fight occurred in the Bhaurankalan police station area, when individuals from 2 communities fought a pitched battle in which 3 youngsters were shot dead.

The people who died are belonged to the Hussainpur Kalan village.
The dead bodies for post-mortem examination.

Police reinforcements are rush to the area and therefore the police in the region has been put on high alert.

Officials said that the 3 deceased belonged to the minority community.

Rajendra Singh, had told the police that he was working in his field when a bunch of youth attacked him.
Rajendra raised an alarm, he said, and villagers rushed to his rescue.

The attackers later opened fire. in the gunbattle that ensued, the 3 youngsters were killed, the official said, adding that Rajendra Singh’s claims were being verified.

The retired soldier is a resident of Mohammadpur Raisingh village.

Police has so far detained 2 individuals, known as Arvind and Sharnu, of Rajendra Singh\’s family.

Communal riots in Muzaffarnagar and close areas of Shamli and Meerut had killed sixty three people between September 6 and 10. over 43,000 individuals were rendered homeless and many of them have refused to travel back home, citing the chance of revenge attacks.


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