This Penny Stock turns Rs 1 Lakh To Over Rs 3 Crore In Just Two Years


So far in the year 2023, this stock has given about 30 percent profit to the investors.

The stock has surged nearly 30% in the past three months and over 3500% in the last one year.

Raj Rayon Industries, which made its debut in the stock markets in 2014, is one of those penny stocks, which has given astronomical returns to its investors in the last three years. The smallcap stock has surged over 35000% in the past three years. In the past one year the investors have received a return of a whopping more than 3500%.

In the last two years, from March 2021, five shares of Raj Rayon Industries were valued at Re 1. But, now the price of this multibagger share has increased to Rs.67.44 on BSE as on March 28,2023, registering over 33000% growth.

This multibagger smallcap stock has increased from Rs 16 to Rs 67.44 per share during the past six months, providing its stockholders a return of around 300%.

A Rs 1 lakh investment in this penny stock one year ago would now be worth Rs 40 lakh. Similarly, if an investor had put Rs 1 lakh into this multibagger stock two years ago, that amount would have grown to Rs 3.40 crore today, assuming the investor had stayed invested in this stock for the entire period.

Shares of Raj Rayon Industries closed 1.99 percent lower at Rs 67.44 apiece on BSE on Tuesday, March 28. The stock’s 52-week high was Rs 91.19 and its last 52-week low was Rs 1.86 per piece.

Raj Rayon Industries, a Mumbai based company, is one of the leading manufacturers of polyester yarn in India. The company’s product range includes Bright Yarns, Cationic Yarn, Cotluk and Coloured Yarns, among others.

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