Spotify Brings Rewards For Premium Users In India To Attract More People: All Details


Last Updated: December 13, 2022, 19:03 IST

Spotify is bringing new program in India

Spotify is bringing new program in India

The platform wants more people to get a taste of its ad-free music experience and rewards is a smart way to get more people on board.

Spotify continues to try different ways of bringing more Indian users to pay for its service. The latest plan is to reward customers with its Premium Mini subscription for as low as Rs 2, which actually costs Rs 25 for one week.

Spotify has most of its users on the ad-centric free plan in the country, and since its debut a few years back, the streaming giant has been looking at innovative means to get Indians to pay for its service. Rewards seems like a move in that direction.

The company’s product manager, Szymon Kopec shared the details of the rollout via this tweet on Monday. He claims Spotify has built the rewards program with Asia in mind, and the journey of this program starts from India. The first initiative of the rewards program offers the Premium Mini plan for Rs 2, against its original price of Rs 25. How does one get the plan at this price?

After months of development and testing, today at @Spotify my team has launched our new baby, built with Asia in mind: Rewards 💎 Program. Starting rollout from India 🇮🇳 and one of the Premium plans: Premium Mini.

Check it out and let me know whatcha think!

— Szymon Kopeć (@szymonkopec) December 12, 2022

Spotify says use the Premium Mini for any 10 days in the next 30 days, and your reward will be Premium Mini at Rs 2 for one week. You also get the Premium Mini for Rs 7 which lasts for one day. The program has been designed in a way that users have challenges, rewards and can seek any help from the platform. The Mini plan is limited to the mobile and tablet version of Spotify. You get an ad-free music experience, and offered the chance to download tracks as well, albeit with a limit of 30 songs on single device.

Like most streaming platforms, Spotify has found it hard to grow its subscription revenues in India. Having a freemium plan doesn’t help, but the streaming giant will be hoping that special programs like these can attract more users to Spotify and eventually get them to spend on the premium plans, once they get a taste of the ad-free avatar of the streaming platform.

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