Sonia targets BJP, questions AAP ideology


Sonia-BJPNew Delhi, November twenty four  Congress president Sonia Gandhi Sunday indirectly attacked the opposition, as well as the BJP and therefore the AAP, saying whereas one was “spreading venom in society” the opposite “had no ideology”.

“Certain narrow-minded parts are spreading venom within the society. it’s not solely the most opposition party however some others are concerned during this. One ought to raise what’s your ideology,” Gandhi aforesaid in Hindi in her address at a rally in Shastri Park space of northeast Delhi.

The northeast body of delhi – dotted with slums and having a sizeable Muslim population – may be a defense of the party.

“Can policies be created while not ideology. until the time you’re not dedicated to an ideology, you may not be ready to serve the individuals,” she said.

She urged the individuals to match the chronicle of Congress therewith of its opponents.

Referring to the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) prime ministerial political leader Narendra Modi’s recent criticism of former prime ministers Nehru and statesman, the Congress chief said: “I wish to raise all of you, did they spare the daddy of the state sage Gandhiji … no they didn’t. Did they spare Nehruji? He was a good revolutionist. They didn’t stop criticising Indiraji.”

“Those people that didn’t spare the architects of our nation, would they spare Manmohan Singhji, Sheila (Dikshit)ji and Congress governments,” she said.

Targeting the BJP and its predecessors, she said: “Right since independence, they need levelled unfounded allegations against the Congress.”

Making the utilization of humourous adages in her quite 12-minute speech, Sonia attacked the BJP for ignoring the event in Delhi whereas crediting Dikshit for dynamic  the face of the national capital.

“People from each section see the event in Delhi however our opponents area unit blind to that,” Gandhi aforesaid.

“They (the opposition) might not appreciate it (development) however the individuals recognize,” she said.

“I am conjointly a resident of Delhi. we tend to area unit witness to the event of Delhi in fifteen years,” she said.

“Has Delhi modified since the primary government beneath Sheila Dikshit … yes, it’s modified … individuals vote for development,” Gandhi aforesaid.

She aforesaid “Delhi railway line is world noted now”, and “office-goers now not have to be compelled to travel in jam-pawncked buses”.

The crowd, consisting primarily of poor, slum dwellers and Muslims — the normal vote bank of Congress – at the rally was fairly smart than the turnout for Congress vice chairman Rahul Gandhi’s south Delhi rally last week.


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