Smartphone Cameras Can Soon Be Used To Warn People About Fake AI Images: Here’s How


Last Updated: November 29, 2023, 08:00 IST

Sony’s new AI camera feature could be part of the Xperia lineup in the future

Smartphone cameras with the new AI chips can do wonders and AI imaging threat definitely needs this level of protection.

AI imaging and videos have become a big concern on the internet as people find it hard to differentiate between the altered and the original version. But it seems the industry is keen to rescue people from these issues and Sony is coming to the forefront with its new AI-proof technology.

The Japanese brand is developing a new in-camera authenticity marker for photos that can detect if an image has been altered using AI. Sony is one of the biggest players in the camera sensor market and it also has a solid footing in the regular camera segment. The new technology has gone through multiple tests and it is expected to be part of the new camera lineup from the brand in 2024.

Sony has done these tests along with the Associated Press which deals in photos and shares them with global media agencies. So what does the new AI tech do? Sony explains that the AI software within the camera can add a digital signature on the photo which will be easily detected when someone tries to alter the visual using AI-based software or editing tools.

But the exciting part about the news is that Sony, which also makes sensors for smartphone cameras, could introduce the AI tech on its Xperia lineup which could be a big development for the industry. “Additionally, our in-camera authenticity technology has shown valuable results, and we will continue to push its development towards a wider release,” Neal Manowitz, President and COO of Sony Electronics hinted at these integrations in this release.

In addition to this, the likes of Qualcomm would be encouraged to continue working on AI-centric chips like the recently launched Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 model. AI is here to stay and thrive going by the innovation that has happened in the hardware space, where smartphones are powerful enough to handle these tasks.

You can use an AI chatbot like ChatGPT on iPhones and seek replies using your voice. Going by these advancements, it is pivotal that the industry stays ahead of the curve to thwart these possible threats.

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