Seemandhra students ‘missing’ from Hyderabad colleges


_SEEMANDHRA_studentHYDERABAD: Attendance in Hyderabad’s faculties has shown a twenty fifth decline and lecturers area unit blaming it on the continuing Seemandhra protests.

Students from the 2 regions following courses in technology and collegian faculties in Hyderabad have left for his or her homes, either because of worry of a backlash within the ‘T’ region or to participate within the protest that has gripped coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema.

College officers said the drop in attending started last week when lecturers found Seemandhra students ‘missing’ from the categories.

Authorities say regarding four-hundredth of the scholars, who study within the town hail from the thirteen non-Telangana districts.

The numbers area unit expected to fall any within the returning days, they rued.

Predictably, most students who have left for his or her hometowns have additionally expressed their anxieties regarding staying back within the town wherever enmity towards united andhra pradesh protests is on the increase.

Attendance in faculties owned by ‘T’ businessmen and politicians is strikingly low, some officers aforementioned.

“There may be a growing anxiety among such students who area unit finding out within the town. And amid this political turmoil, faculty managements got to produce an unpolitical atmosphere on Hyderabad campuses to reassure safety of the students,” said a student.

Tiffs between students of various regions became a typical event on town campuses, officers said, adding that it’s troublesome to contain sentiments on each side.

“All canteen conversations become political discussions on the standing of bifurcation. Studies have taken a backseat,” said B Chaitanya Kumar, a second year engineering student from Guntur.

The same is that the case with students from ‘T’ region.

“Last week there was a freshers meet within the faculty and therefore the topic given for discussion to junior batch was on the bifurcation of the state. lecturers had to intervene because the discussion turned offensive on each side,” M K Rajesh, a student from Miryalguda said.

Teachers in town faculties try their best to steer clear of disputed topics. “We have strict directions from the management to stop any discussion on the problem as additional students appear to be disquieted. several anxiety cases area unit being reported to counsellors appointed by the school,” said Bhavani Reddy, educator of a college in Gandipet.

College managements area unit but granting leave students who have asked for identical fearing a backlash supported regional sentiments. “Some students had even brought their parents to school to get leave stating regional bother,” said principal of a school. With protests in Seemandhra seemingly to continue and transport system badly hit within the roiled region, probabilities of those students coming to the lecture rooms shortly is remote.


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